Develop the Story Idea for Your Novel

“I think the future of Storytelling is: You think of some good characters and you have them do some cool stuff that you can relate to and go through hell and come out the other side of it changed in some positive or negative way. And then it ends.” ~James Cameron Many writers just finished Storytelling Month…. […]

Editing and the Craft of Writing

pen and paper

“…the biggest barrier to releasing quality material is probably impatience. You have a work that feels pretty good; you’re exhausted; you want to move on; you might be a bit delusional about how good it really is; so you hit publish. Nobody steps in and tells you to make it better, to do another pass, […]

A Snapshot of My New Romance Novel

old farmhouse

I’m amazed at the places in our stories – both fiction and in our real everyday lives – where we see restoration and healing. In the last couple of days, as I started outlining a new contemporary romance novel, I’ve experienced the healing effects on a much deeper level. You see, just this past weekend, […]