A Snapshot of My New Romance Novel

old farmhouse

I’m amazed at the places in our stories – both fiction and in our real everyday lives – where we see restoration and healing. In the last couple of days, as I started outlining a new contemporary romance novel, I’ve experienced the healing effects on a much deeper level. You see, just this past weekend, […]

How to Capture the Heart of Your Writing Voice

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“…be yourself when you write. You will stand out as a real person among the robots.” William Zinsser in his book On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction I remember when I first started writing, I longed to be the best writer I could be. So I set my first goal. […]

How to Find Your Writing Voice – Part 3

“We must actively search for our voice, and clear a path for it to emerge. It is uncovered, not manufactured. We may not even like what we discover at first, but by embracing it we will position ourselves to occupy the unique space for which we’re wired.” Todd Henry  This is the last post in the series of […]

How to Find Your Natural Writing Voice – Part 2

%22Writing is the act of Self-cherishing.-3

“One of the best ways to begin to recapture your own voice is to write autobiographically. The autobiographical voice demands that you write in none other than your own voice, more so than any other kind of writing… Write as if you were leaving an account of the incident to your kids…. that’s when your […]